Chad was searching for a job that was accessible by public transportation and paid well enough for him to afford his rent. He also hoped to find a job that would keep him very busy without being too fast-paced and would allow him to be social, interacting with and helping customers. With the help of a job developer from NEBA, Chad set out to find a job that would match his needs and interests.


Chad and NEBA’s job developer explored his interest in food and baking. He enjoyed making meals at home, and even won a baking contest in high school. He also had had previous experience working at a bakery during high school. A bakery position was available at Walmart, Chad was interested, and after an interview he was hired.


As Chad completed his first few weeks at the bakery, it became apparent that the responsibilities were not a good match. First, the bakery had a change of management before Chad’s training was completed, and the new management had safety concerns about Chad using the oven. Second, the work involved very early hours and was too fast-paced to be very social. As a result, Chad talked with his job developer about the possibility of finding another position in the store. Chad used Walmart’s computerized job-matching program, which indicated a good fit within the toy department. He and the job developer explored this option and he was hired into the new position.


The job in the toy department continues to meet Chad’s transportation and earnings needs. He receives ongoing support from his job developer and maintains a good relationship with his department manager. Chad also commented that the co-workers are like a family. He still bakes in his spare time and dreams about baking for his own coffee shop, but for now, he enjoys this job very much. NEBA’s job developer said, “When he walks in the door, he’s smiling. When I check on him, he's helping someone. That’s the payoff for all of us.”


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